Night time vandals patrolling Folsom’s streets

Night time vandals patrolling Folsom’s streets

The Folsom Police Department is on the lookout for a group of vandalizing youth –

“Sticks and stones may break my bones…but will certainly destroy property.

Several homes have been vandalized over the last few weeks by a group of teenagers who are throwing rocks at residence windows, and garage doors. So far, the damages total over well over $3000.

The vandalism’s have occurred in the neighborhoods directly to the east and west sides of the Baldwin Dam Rd.corridor. We believe the vandalism’s are occurring either overnight, or in the very early morning hours (3-5 am).

The most recent group, captured on camera, was a group of 6-7 kids (appear to be teenage boys). Unfortunately, they stayed to the middle of the street which doesn’t allow for identification from the surveillance that was captured.

We are asking for your help in identifying this group of kids. For our neighbors living in that area, have you seen a large group of kids hanging out together almost daily? Do you have surveillance footage that might prove helpful in identifying this group?

Please send any tips to, or call 916-461-6476. Thank you!”


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