Stockton CHP issues press release on cannabis DUI arrest

Stockton CHP issues press release on cannabis DUI arrest
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Originally published 4-4-20 via Facebook
by Stockton CHP:

“While out on patrol, CHP-Stockton isn’t just focused on speed and other traffic infractions. A perpetual effort is being made to remove impaired drivers from the roadway. Alias SMITH&JONES went out on a specialized enforcement detail that focuses on locating impaired drivers. Today they decided to target I-5.

The Regional Campaign Against Impaired Drivers (RCAID) continues to put extra officers on the road to intercept impaired drivers. This driver allowed his passenger to drive around in his vehicle with no seatbelt. Upon contacting the driver Officer Smith immediately noticed symptoms of alcohol impairment. It was determined that this driver was too impaired to operate a motor vehicle safely and he was arrested for DUI.

Later that night a second DUI arrest was made. Officer Smith and Officer Jones came across a vehicle driven by a 17 year old who was under the influence of cannabis (marijuana). The driver was arrested for DUI and taken to the San Joaquin County Juvenile Detention facility. This ended a long day of enforcement that ranged from speeding citations to DUI arrests.

Please plan ahead. Designate a sober driver if you decide to go out and consume alcohol. Call a friend, call a taxi, Uber or Lyft. However, if you choose to chance it and put everyone’s lives around you at risk, CHP will be actively hunting you. The RCAID grant is putting more officers on the road to combat impaired drivers.”


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