Man Arrested for Attempting to Murder His Girlfriend

Man Arrested for Attempting to Murder His Girlfriend
Photo: Keithie X. Gray

A man has been arrested in Rancho Cucamonga after violently assaulting his girlfriend, who attempted to run over her abuser with her car.

The suspect, 25-year-old Keith X Gray, got into a physical fight with his girlfriend as they were driving northbound on Milliken on the night of Tuesday, February 25, 2020. The girlfriend, who was driving the vehicle, “pulled over and got out in an attempt to flag down other citizens for help,”according to the release. Suspect X Gray drove away, leaving her stranded until someone stopped to pick her up and give her a ride home.

When the victim arrived back at her apartment, located in a complex in the 9000 block of 19th Street, she was confronted by her boyfriend X Gray, and the argument turned physical, causing the victim to be violently assaulted causing serious injury,” according to the release. The victim then attempted to run over X Gray as a result of the on-going physical abuse,”which “disabled” the vehicle. Both the victim and suspect subsequently fled the scene.

Rancho Cucamonga police deputies were notified and dispatched to the location at about 9:17 PM. They arrived to find a trail of blood leading to the victim’s apartment. A security sweep was conducted in the apartment where additional blood was located.

Extensive investigation revealed the identities of the victim and suspect. X Gray was found to have previously committed domestic violence against this same victim in November 2019, and he was currently out on bail.

An arrest warrant was issued for X Gray the following day, February 26th. He was successfully arrested after he returned to the apartment and booked without bail at West Valley Detention Center.

X Gray has been charged with domestic violence and committing a new crime on bail. He was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, March 3rd.

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