Domestic violence call leads to five arrests on numerous charges

Domestic violence call leads to five arrests on numerous charges

Mendocino County deputies have arrested five people after what started as a domestic violence call led to the discovery of drugs at a residence in Redwood Valley.

Deputies responded to the 8600 block of East Road just after 9 PM on Saturday, February 15th, regarding an active assault. At the scene, they learned that a woman had just been hospitalized for injuries sustained during an altercation with her boyfriend.

They were then confronted at the scene by 26-year-old KC Stillwell, who wouldn’t let them into the residence despite admitting she didn’t live there. She also initially told deputies there was no one else inside, but changed her statement when deputies heard movement.

Stillwell was ultimately arrested for resisting or delaying a peace officer.

Deputies then entered the residence, where they met Jessica Norton (28), Weston Riley (24), and Nicholas Britton.

After Riley was found to be exhibiting symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance, as well as being on searchable parole, he was placed on a parole hold.

Norton, who was also on probation, reportedly tried to interfere with the search and was also arrested.

Deputies then found 33-year-old Nicholas Whipple in one of the bedrooms, where they also found 2.2 grams of methamphetamine and two hypodermic syringes with clear liquid. These were tied to 48-year-old Christina Morrow, who was also at the residence.

Whipple was soon identified as the person responsible for the assault which had initially brought deputies to the scene. He was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence battery, battery causing great bodily injury, and violation of probation.

Weston and Morrow were also arrested on drug-related charges, among others.

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