Five Jailed in 1200 plant Marijuana Cultivation Operation

UKIAH – On 05/13 at  approximately noon, officers from the County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team (COMMET) were undergoing a search for marijuana in the 4600 block of Knoxville Road in Ukiah, California.

The police discovered a greenhouse with an estimated 410 marijuana plants being grown on site.

Mark Pacitti, 34

Deputies confront Carlton Lauckern and Bradley Feucht near the greenhouse at another building.  During the confrontation with Lauckern and Feucht, about 11 pounds of processed marijuana was discovered closeby where Lauckern and Feucht were contacted.

The processed marijuana was sealed in oven bags and placed on drying racks.  The site was annexed  and a search warrant was received by investigators from the Mendocino Major Crimes Task Force (MMCTF).

Mark Pacitti arrived on location as the search warrant was being awaited and he was apprehended.

Twrec indoor marijuana grow rooms were located inside two of the outer structures on site..  One indoor grow room had been freshly gleaned of the green plant and there were a total of 111 marijuana plants growing in room two.

A site investigation manifested scales, packaging and paperwork.  ln a bag believed to be the property of Feucht were an alleged 7 grams of  psilocybin mushrooms and 4 tabs of blotter paper with suspected LSD.

During the investigation, a bordering location was concluded to be linked with this case and it was annexed awaiting a search warrant that was received again by MMCTF officials.

Sarah Kubik, 33

At this location were suspects identified as Leslie Carr and Sarah Kubik.  A search of this second site denuded 3 indoor grow rooms where  421 marijuana plants were being  cultivated, two greenhouse-type complexes where 274 marijuana plants were being  cultivate, scales, packaging, computers, paperwork and approximately $1,800.00 in US currency.

The $1,800.00 and a piece of heavy equipment (excavator) were confiscated following state property forfeiture codes.

The listed suspects were arrested and booked into the Mendocino County Jail where they were to be held on $25,000.00 bail.  Or in other words, a it’s going to take a lot of green to get these folks out for being in for a lot of green.

The investigation is ongoing regarding the identification of additional suspects.

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