Petaluma PD issues press release on recent spate of DUI collisions

Petaluma PD issues press release on recent spate of DUI collisions

Originally published via Facebook by the Petaluma Police Department:

“A DUI collision occurs in Petaluma approximately once every week.  In 2019, there were 59 DUI collisions, where one of the involved drivers were arrested for DUI.  There were just over 200 DUI arrests made in 2019.  This is significantly less than the department’s record of 605 DUI arrests and 147 DUI collisions in 2008.    But over the past 8 days, there were 6 DUI collisions in Petaluma.

On January 30th at 2:29 AM, a driver, who had been drinking in Downtown Petaluma, crashed their vehicle into a parked car on D Street. On January 31, at 2:15 AM, a driver struck two utility poles near Samuel Drive.  On February 5th, at 5:58 AM a driver struck a park vehicle in the 800 block of Wood Sorrell Drive, On February 6th, at 6:09 PM, a driver leaving Henhouse Brewing Company crashed on Corona Road, then at 6:32 PM, another driver leaving Henhouse hit a parked vehicle in the 1300 block of North McDowell.  This morning at 2:48 AM a 19-year-old driver struck a parked vehicle on Hayes Lane near Belle View Ave.

In 4 out of the 6 collisions the DUI driver was injured.  Fortunately, no other drivers or pedestrians were struck by these DUI drivers.

The department has increased enforcement around local alcohol establishments and reports to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) any reports, when they can determine, where the DUI driver was last consuming alcohol at.

The costs related to being arrested for DUI our over $15,000.  If someone is injured related to a DUI arrest, jail time and fines significantly increase.

The use of designated drivers, ride sharing and many other safe methods of travel, leave no excuse to be drinking and driving.   If you suspect a driver is DUI, call the local law enforcement agency.”


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