K9 Jedi and friends nab Sacramento thief

K9 Jedi and friends nab Sacramento thief
Photo: K9 Jedi and the suspect’s apartment

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office released a report on their Facebook page about a burglary suspect’s somewhat spectacular unsuccessful attempt to escape out of his second floor apartment –

“Not on my watch! Sheriff’s detectives received reports of a suspect captured on multiple cameras in a north area neighborhood breaking into vehicles.

The suspect broke into a truck, stole a 12-gauge shotgun, then used the remote to gain access to the garage and steal tools.

He broke into a 2nd vehicle, stole miscellaneous items but happened to leave his cell phone in that vehicle.

Identification and ownership of the cell phone was confirmed as well as suspect’s current address.

The suspect is on active searchable probation in Sacramento County. Our Sacramento Sheriff’s Property Crimes detectives conducted a probation search on suspect’s second story apartment.

Upon their arrival the suspect used a rope to rappel out of the window in an attempt to evade detectives.

However, the suspect was met outside by a detective and K9 Jedi and was subsequently taken into custody. #ssocfc #ssocfe #ssdk9 #k9jedi #k9 #teamwork”


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