Is it time for a boat unit in Eureka?

Is it time for a boat unit in Eureka?
Photo: scenes from the theft

After a recent incident of an attempted theft of a boat, the Eureka Police Department issued this press release on their official Facebook page –

“On Saturday a man reported that his aluminum boat was stolen from the public marina. On Sunday he saw his stolen boat being paddled toward Daby Island by two men. The two had lost an oar and appeared to be struggling to maneuver the boat. At one point it was reported the two had made it to the island and unsuccessfully tried to flee on foot.

The owner provided boat transportation for EPD officers to make contact with the stolen boat and two occupants. The two complied and were taken into custody without incident. Shane Green (29) and Christopher Crismon (22) were arrested for possession of a stolen boat.

Pictures were taken as the officer’s boat was docking under the Samoa Bridge. Maybe it’s time we start a boat unit?”



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