January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

As January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the Napa County Sheriff’s Office put out this set of tips on their official Facebook page –

“Lieutenant Rick Greenberg of the Napa Special Investigations Bureau (NSIB) advises the community of Napa County.

One of the crimes the NSIB investigates is human trafficking. In support of the January 2020 Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the NSIB would like to provide some awareness and safety tips –

  • Adults are not  the only victims of human trafficking; young children and teenagers are often exploited as well;
  • Be aware of your children’s internet and social media activity;
  • Be aware of your friends your children associate with, meet the other parents;
  • Set up parental controls on both internet and electronic devices;
  • Be cautious when visiting online dating websites;
  • Be aware of unexplained expensive personal items such as jewelry and clothing, along with tattoos.

Traffickers typically pursue younger girls as well as boys and lure them with attention, gifts and promises of a better future. Many victims fall prey to these pitches because of low self-esteem or poor family relationships. Once involved traffickers are highly skilled at keeping their victims under their  control, through threats and intimidation.

NSIB investigates both drug trafficking and human trafficking in Napa County. Community members are urged to call NSIB at 253-4458 with tips. Callers can remain confidential and/or anonymous.”


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