Man arrested after stealing “Bait” from Folsom PD

Man arrested after stealing “Bait” from Folsom PD

FOLSOM – The Folsom Police Department, in a press release dated September 2nd, declares “Bait Taken!”

On September 1st  31-year-old Kevin Lonczak of Folsom took bait property that the Folsom Police Department had placed, equipped with GPS to help secure quick retrieval.

Lonczak attempted to outrun the police on foot for a short while, but ultimately he was “taken into custody” and subsequently booked into the Sacramento County Jail “on charges of grand theft and resisting arrest.”

The Folsom Police Department also offered the following clarification of how their Bait Program works:

“The “bait” items that we place in the community are no different than any items that are owned by our citizens. The only difference is we have the ability to track them when they are stolen. The items that belong to the police department are secured with locks. The individuals who steal our property, cut the locks and try to reclaim them as their own.

We have numerous cases where property is stolen from members of this community, but we are left with little to no leads to follow. We strategically place these items in areas where we are experiencing a crime trend. There are no tricks. The items are locked and secured just as if you were to lock your own property. It just so happens that the items that these individuals choose to steal, belong to the police department.

We are just happy that this individual stole from us, rather than victimizing another community member. The purpose of our bait program is to serve as a deterrent to crime. We hope that people see these posts and think twice before taking something that does not belong to them.”


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