Laundry Soap Thieves Chased Down

Laundry Soap Thieves Chased Down
Photo: Kayla Gularte  (not only God will judge her) and Kathryn Weaver  

Ventura County – Suggesting that “recognizable laundry detergents are being stolen and traded on the street for cash or drugs,” Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Vince Alvarez described “a robbery in progress” at a Fillmore Dollar General Store that took place on May 23rd supporting that contention.

It was just after noon on that date when a male employee of the Dollar General Store confronted 21-year-old Santa Barbara resident Kayla Gularte and 22-year-old Bakersfield resident Kathryn Weaver in the store parking lot. The employee demanded the return of “multiple laundry detergent containers” for which the two women had not proffered payment.


stolen laundry soap

When the store employee challenged the pair, Gularte whipped out a can of pepper spray and let him have a full dose in the face. Gularte then fled to join Weaver who was “waiting in a getaway car.”

The employee then called 911 Emergency to report the crime and to provide a detailed description of the two women and their vehicle, which was by then heading westbound on State Highway 126.

Shortly thereafter, patrol units spotted Weaver’s vehicle as it headed westward toward the City of Santa Paula. By then multiple VCSD units were in pursuit. At that point deputies “conducted a high-risk stop” of Weaver’s vehicle and both female suspects were taken into custody. Inside their car deputies found “nearly 100 items” including laundry soap, undergarments, and assorted toiletries, indicating the pair are suspects in additional burglaries in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Both women were transported to Ventura County Jail. Gularte was booked on charges of robbery, conspiracy, child endangerment, and use of tear gas. Weaver was booked on charges of shoplifting and conspiracy.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, Ventura County Jail Booking

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