Fresno Man Wanted For Attempted Murder Arrested

Fresno Man Wanted For Attempted Murder Arrested
Photo: Marcelino Higareda

28-year old Marcelino Higareda has been a wanted man since October 31, 2018. A few hours into Halloween, Higareda approached a man at the Arco Gas Station on McKinley and Fresno, believing that the man belonged to a rival gang.

The victim who was wearing blue but has no affiliations with gangs, was putting air into his own vehicle’s tire when the suspect, a bulldog gang member, greeted him with a seemingly sarcastic, “What’s up Bulldog!” before kicking and punching him. The attack ended and both men retreated to their vehicles.

The victim was in his car with his girlfriend waiting to merge onto McKinley from the gas station parking lot when Higareda hit the back of the victim’s car with his own.

As the victim and his girlfriend exited the vehicle to assess the damage, Higareda drove “around the parking lot, instead of driving out of the parking lot to the east, he does a loop, comes around, tells the victim he’s going to kill him” (Marcus Gray II, Detective Fresno Police Department) before running into the victim and his girlfriend, who no longer had the shelter of their own car.

This case has been featured twice on Crimeview and Crimestoppers. On March 19, 2019, Fresno Street Violence Tac Team had a location on the suspect and they arrested him at a Southeast house in Fresno.

He did not resist. He is in custody at the Fresno County Jail charged with two counts of attempted murder in the first and second degree.

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