Undocumented Immigrant Arrested in Stabbing Death of San Jose Woman

Undocumented Immigrant Arrested in Stabbing Death of San Jose Woman
Photo: Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza

SAN JOSE – The San Jose Police Department arrested a wanted suspect in the stabbing death of a San Jose resident near the 900 block of Knollfield Way on Thursday, February 28 at about 1:48 PM.   The discovery of the victim’s body came after co-workers were worried after the victim had not shown up for work.

The son of the victim along with a coworker went to the home of 59-year-old Bambi Larson to find her dead, stabbed multiple times by the suspect now identified as 24-year-old Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza.  Surveillance footage near the residence showed a male suspect pacing back and forth nearby before the brutal attack in which the suspect raped and killed Larson.

Previous records have indicated that Arevalo-Carranza was a transient from Mexico and had traveled here illegally.  It was also learned that ICE had requested his arrest by local law enforcement six times prior to his arrest here in Santa Clara County from June 2016 to January 2019, and three out of Las Angeles’s County occurring prior to his arrest for murder on March 11, 2019.

ICE said Arevalo-Carranza entered the United States illegally in 2013. The suspect also was identified as having prior arrests and convictions in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties. These charges included: drug possession, burglary and false imprisonment dating back to 2016.

“The City of San Jose and our police department has no control over how the county interacts with federal immigration enforcement or deportation of violent or serious felons like Carlos Arrevala Carranza,” San Jose Chief of Police Eddie Garcia said. “Those policies are not set at our level.”

“It has been my long-standing position that all undocumented immigrants who are serious or violent felons, should be held for ICE evaluations.” Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith stated. “I will advocate changing the county policy to try to prevent this from happening again.”

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