2016 Murder-Robbery Sonoma County Case Gains Some Resolve

2016 Murder-Robbery Sonoma County Case Gains Some Resolve
Photo: Robert Lee Randolph, Jr. and Maria Teresa Lebron

In an unincorporated section of Sonoma County, south of Sebastopol, off Highway 116, three people were shot during a marijuana robbery on October 15th, 2016.  Two of the victims died: 36-year old Nathan Proto and 28-year old John Mariana. The third victim, a 23-year old unnamed woman, somehow survived the bullet the suspects put in her head.

Investigators soon identified the suspects as 30-year old Robert Lee Randolph, Jr. and 28-year old Maria Teresa Lebron, but not before the suspects fled Sonoma County to head east, closer to their home base of Philadelphia.

Sonoma County Sheriff Detectives collaborated with the FBI. and U.S. Marshall, as well as agencies from several states, in their search for Randolph and Lebron and on December 21st, 2018, their hard work reaped rewards.

On December 21st the Austin Texas SWAT Team busted Randolph and Lebron in a local apartment. They were arrested without resistance. During the warrant execution, the SWAT Team also confiscated drugs and a weapon found at the apartment.

Sonoma County Detectives flew to Austin, TX to interview Randolph and Lebron. They remain at the Travis County Jail today until their transfer to Sonoma County where proceedings will be held to determine the outcome of the murder and robbery charges they each face.

Photos from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office

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