A Dog Walker is Arrested for Biting and Robbing a Jogger

A Dog Walker is Arrested for Biting and Robbing a Jogger
Photo: Pic of suspect

OAKLAND — A dog walker accused of attacking, biting and robbing a jogger is facing felony charges. The victim was violently attacked after she felt threatened and she pepper sprayed the suspect’s two dogs.


Alma Cadwalader

The incident occurred at Anthony Cabot Regional Park. On January 3rd shortly before 10:30 a.m., the unfortunate jogger encountered a woman walking two dogs off-leash.

The victim told East Bay Regional Park District Police that she was jogging on the Goldenrod Trail. She was attacked on the trail between the Chabot Equestrian Center and the Oakland City Stables.

Initially, the jogger believed that she was being attacked by the dogs, rather than being robbed. However, instead of being attacked by dogs, the victim was tackled and punched multiple times by the dog walker.


victim’s wound

A violent physical altercation ensued, and the jogger was severely bitten on her forearm by the dog-walking suspect. Next the attacker robbed the victim.

Park police released photos of the suspect, seeking help from the public to identify her. On the following day, police obtained an arrest warrant from an Alameda County judge.

Subsequently, the suspect was arrested at park police headquarters, after she was questioned by officers on January 4th.

The suspect is a 19-year-old Oakland resident, Alma Cadwalader, who was booked at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin.

Cadwalader is facing three felony charges. Her charges are battery causing serious bodily injury, false imprisonment by violence, and robbery.

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