Pharmacy Director Accused of Armed Robbery at CVS Pharmacy

Pharmacy Director Accused of Armed Robbery at CVS Pharmacy
Photo: Jonathan Szkotak

MARTINEZ — A pharmacy director for the Alameda Alliance of Health is accused of committing an armed robbery at a CVS Pharmacy. The suspect potentially could lose his credentials as a licensed pharmacist.

Here’s what happened leading to the suspect’s predicament. On April 3rd, a man covering his face with a surgical mask walked into a CVS Pharmacy in Danville. The masked man approached pharmacy staff working behind the counter.


Szkotak in action

While brandishing a firearm, the man demanded pharmacy staff give him certain prescription drugs. The robber handed a note to a pharmacist. It specifically demanded Clonazepam and Buprenorphine.

Pharmacy staff complied with the robber’s demands and fortunately no one got hurt. Later, CVS reported that 74 pills were missing and unaccounted for after the robber fled from the premises.

Subsequently, Jonathan Szkotak, 35 of Oakland, became the subject of several inquiries. These included separate investigations conducted by Danville police, and the California State Board of Pharmacy.

Nevertheless, Szkotak was arrested at his home in Oakland on the same day the CVS robbery occurred. After posting $200,000 bond, Szkotak was released from the Martinez Detention Facility.

Open charges hung over Szkotak’s head for months. On November 29th, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office finally announced they had charged him.

Szkotak’s charges are second degree robbery and use of a firearm. His next scheduled court date is January 14.

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