Suspect in Custody for Stabbing Woman Leaving for Work on Monday

Suspect in Custody for Stabbing Woman Leaving for Work on Monday
Photo: Chad A. Parker

UNION CITY — While the victim remains hospitalized, a suspect remains in custody for stabbing a woman leaving for work. The suspect was arrested about a half hour after a violent attack on Monday morning.

A man approached a woman inside her carport on the 2200 block of Partridge Way on November 5. She was getting into her vehicle on the way to work at about 8:40 a.m. They briefly engaged in conversation. The victim told police that the man suggested their mail might be getting mixed up.

At this point, the victim told the man she had to leave for work, and she told him to check back later. Instead of leaving, the man attacked the woman while she was sitting inside her car. She was stabbed and sliced multiple times with a knife.

Simultaneously, while fighting off her attacker, she honked her car horn desperately hoping to attract attention. They struggled for a while, until the attacker pulled the victim outside her car, and he commenced kicking her. He kicked the woman in the chest and the head.

During the violent encounter, the victim sustained life threatening injuries. Police believe the incident likely started out as a robbery. When the robbery went awry, police believe the attacker attempted to kill the woman to protect his identity.

Nevertheless, police identified the suspect as 22-year-old Union City resident, Chad A. Parker . Parker was placed under arrests and his arraignment for attempted murder, robbery, and aggravated mayhem will be November 7th.

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