Alleged Berkeley Peeper Arrested again Following more Incidents

Alleged Berkeley Peeper Arrested again Following more Incidents
Photo: Pedro S Jacobo

BERKELEY — Here we go again. The Berkeley Peeper was up to his old tricks and frightening women. Authorities arrested a man last week on suspicion of being the Berkeley Peeper, the same suspect arrested last March. His peeping antics were recorded by home security cameras—again.

Recently, police received several reports from residents about a man peeping inside their windows. Investigators quickly identified the suspect, as he fit the same description of a man previously arrested for peeping.

On October 5, one of the most recent peeping incidents occurred on the 1300 block of Hopkins Street. Investigators determined the same suspect is also responsible for other recent peeping incidents.

Like he did previously, authorities anticipated the Berkeley Peeper would return to some of the same houses. Typically, he entered backyards and peeped inside windows during early morning hours.

Given his penchant for repetition, Berkeley police set up a stakeout. He showed up again on October 10, shortly before 6:30 a.m. This time, police were waiting for him at a home on Hopkins Street.

The suspect attempted to run away. However, officers anticipated he might flee—and they had back-up units waiting nearby.
Oakland resident, 56-year-old Pedro S. Jacobo, was arrested without further incident, and booked at Santa Rita Jail. Jacobo is no longer in custody. However, he faces nine charges filed on October 12, related to peeping and stalking.

Besides these new charges, Jacobo also faces unresolved identical charges for other peeping incidents stemming from his arrest last March.

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