Pair Arrested for Cleaning Out Change Machine at Laundry

Pair Arrested for Cleaning Out Change Machine at Laundry
Photo: Sutton in laundry

FAIRFAX — Didn’t they realize jails provide free laundry service? Police arrested two persons for pilfering a change machine at a laundry. The laundry was burglarized twice in August—both times recorded by video surveillance cameras.

Video shared via social media clinched the case. Police identified one of the suspects with help from A posted YouTube video generated reliable leads from the public and nearby law enforcement agencies.

The video shows a man entering the laundry during business hours. First, he walks around for a while. Next, he approaches the change machine. Then somehow, he opens the machine and steals all the cash and coins.

While reviewing surveillance videos, police also identified a vehicle associated with the burglaries, an old white pickup truck parked outside the laundry. These burglaries occurred on August 3 and 31.

An investigation of both burglaries culminated in a pair of arrests on September 22. An officer just finishing a 12-hour shift recognized the man from the video. He saw the suspect walking down an alley at the end of Mono Avenue.

Nearby officers on duty detained the man, identified as Jeffrey A. Sutton, 52 of Vallejo, and a 49-year-old woman accompanying him. In their possession, police found more than $100 in quarters, and several burglary tools, including a shaved key.

Sutton and the woman were arrested and booked at Marin County Jail. Authorities released the female, pending further investigation.
Sutton remains in custody in lieu of $15,000 bail. His charges are burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of stolen property, and possession of burglary tools.

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