It’s a Family Affair – Husband & Wife Drug Dealers Arrested

It’s a Family Affair – Husband & Wife Drug Dealers Arrested
Photo: Richard Kevin Riley

Ventura County – Perhaps drug dealing is a family affair in Van Nuys. 47-year-old Richard Kevin Riley is the devoted husband of 46-year-old Rhonda Harvey.

The loving bonds of these Van Nuys residents may soon be tested following their August 23rd arrests at the hands of the VCSD’s West County Street Narcotics Team.


Rhonda Harvey

In the first place, the couple had been the focus of law enforcement interest over the past four months. Cops suspected Riley and Harvey of “methamphetamine and heroin trafficking activities” over that period.

Pursuant to those suspicions, the narcotics team detectives who were working with the Port Hueneme Police Department, the Oxnard Police Department, and the California National Guard Counter Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant on Riley’s residence.

Detectives announced themselves on the afternoon of the 23rd. Then they found Riley and Harvey inside the residence and promptly detained them. The ensuing search of the home revealed “over 3 pounds of methamphetamine, six ounces of heroin, and three gallons of Gamma Hydroxybutric Acid”.

Family Affair

The Riley-Harvey stash

The cops also discovered enough additional physical evidence—including scales, packaging materials, payment and collection records, substantial cash and “numerous loaded weapons”—to reach the conclusion that the couple was conducting illegal sales of controlled substances.

Authorities took the couple to Ventura County Jail and booked them on “numerous narcotics and weapons violations”. Riley’s bail is $160,000 while Harvey’s is $90,000.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department West County Street Narcotics Team

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