2 Motorcycle Chases Within 24 Minutes

2 Motorcycle Chases Within 24 Minutes
Photo: arrest of motorcyclist

WOODLAND – Police participated in 2 motorcycle chases within 24 minutes earl August 19.

The first chase involved a speeding motorcyclist near the fairgrounds.  Tanner Rademaker slowed down at first. Then Luis Vega, “an associate motorcyclist,” pulled up in his cycle and “attempted to interfere with the motor officer.”


second arrest

Rademaker fled for a short distance but then stopped to receive his citation form the officer. The citation related to a failure to yield.

However, police arrested Vega for interfering with police and DUI.

The, 24 minutes later, Timoteo Modesto sped by and ran a red light, again near the fairgrounds.

Modesto did not stop for the pursuing officer at first. He reached a speed of 75 mph.

Finally, Modsesto stopped near E. Main Street and HWY 113.  He was booked for felony evading.


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