Arson Homicide Near Area of Recent Wildfires

Arson Homicide Near Area of Recent Wildfires
Photo: Frank Alexander Berry

LASSEN NATIONAL FOREST – An arson death occurred near the Battle Creek Reservoir in the Lassen National Forest.

On August 16 detectives went to a wild-land fire and discovered a burnt body. The deceased female in a rock crevice appeared to be the victim of a homicide.

The investigators “concluded the fire associated with the decedent did not start the nearby wildland fire.”

Then on August 18, authorities arrested 48-year-old Shingletown resident Frank Alexander Berry in connection with the arson death.

Furthermore, Berry had dated the victim for the past several weeks.

Most noteworthy, Berry wore a hat, glasses, fake mustache. Similarly, he “had colored his eyebrows with a felt marker in an apparent attempt to disguise his identity.”

In addition, the susepct was armed at this arrest.

“The Major Crimes Unit is urging anyone that has information about this homicide to contact the SCSO Major Crimes Unit at 530-245-6135 or by email at

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