Burglary Botched by Witnesses, Rapid Police Response, Car Collision

Burglary Botched by Witnesses, Rapid Police Response, Car Collision
Photo: Gerardo Ortega

SAN LEANDRO — Several things went wrong for a couple suspected of committing a botched burglary last week. Their setbacks include several witnesses, rapid police response and a car collision.

For starters, witnesses interrupted a burglary in progress on the 1200 block of Castro Street. The witnesses pointed out the fleeing burglars to responding officers arriving on the scene.


Jennifer Martinez

Officers chased the suspects on foot, but the suspects ran faster than the cops. They jumped into a getaway car and quickly sped away.

Police briefly chased the suspects by car. Officers stopped pursuing them in the interest of public safety, because they were driving so recklessly.

A few minutes later, the suspects collided with another car in nearby Oakland. The suspects fled again, thankfully leaving behind no injuries.

San Leandro officers in police cruisers located the getaway car at the scene of the collision. Again, witnesses pointed out the direction that the suspects ran.

Officers searched the area and located the couple trying to hide at a nearby motel, where they were taken into custody on August 17 shortly before 10 a.m.

Police arrested two Oakland residents, 21-year-old Gerardo Ortega, and his 20-year-old girlfriend Jennifer Martinez for being a “lookout.” On August 20, authorities charged Ortega and Martinez with first degree burglary.

In addition, Ortega faces additional charges including hit and run driving; and evading a police officer while disregarding public safety. Ortega remains in custody for a parole violation too—for removing his electronic monitoring ankle bracelet.

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