They Called it ‘Operation Red Rose’

They Called it ‘Operation Red Rose’
Photo: Operation Red Rose

TULARE – On August 3 TCSD detectives executed Operation Red Rose in an undisclosed area of Tulare County. Ongoing reports of men using prostitution websites to arrange sexual transactions with underage female prostitutes motivated the operation.

Using the same online platforms, detectives posted fake ads for a 15-year old female and an 18-year old female. The sting generated more than 1,100 text messages from nearly 50 men. Furthermore, they haggled on prices for adult services with the decoys who never left the command center bus.

The five men arrested for soliciting the adult female decoy are:
Christian Lupian, 22, of Cutler
Clinton Alston, 23, of Lemoore
Juan Avellaneda, 34, of Fresno
Gerardo Aceves, 41, of Ivanhoe
George Brock, 55, of Kingsburg

In addition, three more suspects are under investigation for soliciting the juvenile decoy.

Likewise, Sheriff Mike Boudreaux stated, “Human trafficking and prostitution are not victimless crimes.” He urges parents to monitor their children’s online activity and warn them about the dangers of online predators.

In summary, Lieutenant Joe Torres stated that they will orchestrate more operations following the success of Operation Red Rose.

Photo from Tulare County Sheriff’s Department

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