Thief Drove Himself into Police Custody After Theft

Thief Drove Himself into Police Custody After Theft
Photo: Nicholas Senner

LEMOORE – The thief drove himself into police custody without knowing it.

First of all, a male victim awoke Sunday morning to find his 2014 GMC Sierra missing. Lemoore Police Officers responded to scene of the theft, a residential area on Avalon Drive, to take the report.

That same day, the truck was returned to its original owner after being found on the 20000 block of Hanford-Armona, less than two miles from where it was stolen.

However, several valuable items which were in the truck the night before were missing. Someone also siphoned the truck’s gas.

Three days later, on July 18th, the victim  browsed the app “OfferUp.” He recognized some of his missing property posted by an individual with the screen name “Scooter.”

The victim made a call to detectives working his case. They contacted “Scooter” posing as interested buyers and set up a meeting.

The man behind “Scooter’s” identity is Nicholas Senner of Hanford. The 28-year old unknowingly drove himself into custody when he met with police at 9 PM on Wednesday.

A search of his person led to the discovery of crystal meth, as well as drug paraphernalia and stolen goods in his vehicle. Detectives also searched his home on Lacey Blvd and found more stolen property. He had thrown some of  the property in the garbage.

Senner faces several charges: possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance, and possession of paraphernalia. However, the violation which earned him no bail was his involvement in criminal activity while on probation.


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