Burglars Nabbed Using Stolen Credit Cards

Burglars Nabbed Using Stolen Credit Cards
Photo: Paul Ramos

Ventura County – It makes perfect sense not to use stolen credit cards in the area from which they were stolen. But active criminals do not always use “perfect sense”  in their subsequent decisions.

Evidence of that came early in the morning of June 20th in Camarillo. It was approximately 7:30 a.m. when Camarillo Police responded to a car burglary. The suspects smashed the car’s window and took a backpack holding a cell phone, I.D., and credit cards.



Later that day, detectives discovered “evidence of possible credit card usage at a local business within the timeframe of the theft.” After a quick visit to the retail establishment, detectives identified Camarillo residents George Lindsay and Paul Ramos on surveillance video as they used the stolen credit cards to purchase goods.

Detectives attached to the Camarillo Detective Bureau, working the the Special Enforcement Detail then identified “a possible vehicle” associated with the suspects. Authorities developed information of ongoing purchases throughout the area involving the use of the stolen credit cards. They then staked out “high probability locations.”

It didn’t take long for detectives to spot Lindsay and Ramos coming out of a Camarillo Outlets store, accompanied by Anna Ramirez and Samara Eaves. The foursome then approached the suspect vehicle, driven by Alberto Herrera. Cops contacted the five residents  and found the backpack, cellphone, I.D., and credit cards stolen earlier in the day. They also had narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia in their possession.

Officers arrested all five and transported them to Ventura County Jail. Lindsay’s charges are burglary, identity theft, possession of burglary tools, and receiving stolen property. His bail is $60,000. Ramos has the same charges, and his bail is $50,000. Herrera, Ramirez and Eaves were booked on charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Photos: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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