Check Kiter Caught Via Social Media

Check Kiter Caught Via Social Media
Photo: Ramirez in the Act

Santa Barbara -SBSD announced the arrest of a “check kiter” who was caught thanks to help from a social media platform.

Generally speaking, by now the world is aware that the rest of the world is watching our every move. Video surveillance cameras are everywhere we play, shop, bank, or visit. The grocery store, school yard, gas station, most major vehicle intersections all bristle with cameras recording our every move.

That reality apparently did not concern 55-year-old Goleta resident Deanna Lynne Ramirez. Cameras clearly recorded her shopping at Santa Barbara’s busy Home Improvement Center over the past couple of months. While she was checking out, security video caught her writing a bad check and using false I.D. to pay for purchases.

However, the video image itself was not enough for the SBPD to properly identify Ramirez.  They posted the video “via multiple social media platforms” on May 27th. It  was a “Catch a Thief” alert requesting the public’s help in making an accurate identification.

Eight days later, on June 3rd, investigators identified Ramirez. They issued a $50,000 warrant for her arrest. Finally, on June 11th, they located Ramirez in San Luis Obispo County and took her into custody. Her charges are felony forgery, identity theft, burglary, and abuse of an elder or dependent adult.

Photo: Courtesy Santa Barbara Police Department, Santa Barbara Home Improvement Center.

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