Naked Burglar Allegedly Assaults Resident Returning Home

Naked Burglar Allegedly Assaults Resident Returning Home

BERKELEY — Certain things only happen in movies, dreams or places like Berkeley. Consider how a naked burglar allegedly assaulted a local resident.

Imagine returning home to find a naked burglar climbing out of your shower. Next, while you’re running away to escape assault and call police, he selects clothes from your wardrobe, and he dresses just in time to look presentable for the cops. He even puts his dirty clothes inside your clothes hamper.

The now dressed burglar carelessly revealed his unwanted presence. This was due to an empty bag of chips on the kitchen table left beside a dirty glass. Therefore the resident realized something seemed amiss and immediately searched the house upon arriving home.

In addition, the resident encountered a big mess in the bathroom. The floor was soaking wet and a naked stranger dripping wet stood in front of the resident. After the resident ran away the naked man went into the master bedroom.

The burglary suspect identified as Nao Hamada Myers, a 41-year-old local transient, was still preening himself the bedroom when responding officers arrived at the house in Glendale La Loma Park, an exclusive neighborhood in the Berkeley Hills.

Apparently, the unwanted visitor let himself inside before making himself at home, before he allegedly assaulted the resident coming home. Police said he entered using a spare key hidden outside that’s easy for anyone to find.

Myers was arrested on June 8 and booked at Santa Rita Jail, where he remains in custody without bail. Myers faces charges for assault with force likely to produce great injury, and for inflicting great bodily injury in commission of a felony.

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