Two Females Fight with Rite Aid Staff

Two Females Fight with Rite Aid Staff
Photo: Here comes trouble

SONORA – On May 30 at 7:45 pm when two females fought with staff at Rite Aid at 805 Mono Way.  The ladies allegedly tried to steal something from the store.

The arriving Sgt saw a female walking away, and witnesses pointed her out as a suspect. The officer put her in the back of his car, uncuffed. He then went to the store where “store personnel fought with another suspect.”


Attempting an arrest

As the officer attempted to apprehend the second suspect, the female in the backseat came out of the squad car.  She then tried to push him away from her teammate.

Next, the officer put cuffs on the first female and walked her back to his car.  That’s when the second suspect returned the favor and tried her hand at pushing him away.

Unsuccessful in that attempt, she kicked the officer in the groin, “leaving a footprint on his pants.”

Once he got 19-year-old Erika Hernandez in the car, he detained 18-year-old Ariana Hernandez. Two other females approached, coming closer and closer. Five times they ignored orders to leave.

However, when they heard approaching sirens, they left. Ariana continued kicking once she was inside the patrol car.

Their charges are robbery, resisting arrest and rioting. Ariana also has a vandalism charge.


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