Man on Probation Arrested for Concealed Dirk

Man on Probation Arrested for Concealed Dirk
Photo: Cory Rae Courtney

Officer Durham of the Sonora Police Department was patrolling the Crossroads Shopping Center area during the early hours of March 10th.

About 12:30 AM the officer noticed two people behind Big Lots.

The store was closed at the time and the officer approached the individuals to ask why there were there.

The first subject was not in violation of any crimes and allowed to leave the scene.

The second subject was 41-year old Cory Rae Courtney of Oakdale.

Courtney is on probation through the county of Stanislaus for criminal threats.

As allowed, the officer searched Courtney and found the fixed blade knife he had in his pocket.

Carrying a concealed dirk or dagger is a felony in California. Courtney was arrested and booked into the Tuolumne County Jail.

Photos from Sonora Police Department

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