Green Honda Wouldn’t Stop

Green Honda Wouldn’t Stop
Photo: Victor Romo

LOS BANOS – The green Honda sedan sporting an expired registration wouldn’t stop for the LBPD officer on May 26. A pursuit began but then ended when the driver entered the wrong side of Ward Road.


Debbie Tevis

Soon the fleeing vehicle crashed near S. Rock Creek and two males ran from the area. A witness provided a description of one of the suspects and police quickly arrested 37-year-old Victor Romo.


Anselmo Delgadillo

Even though there was meth in the escape car and he had no

license, Romo received a cite and release.

Investigators found a loaded handgun at the Ward Road scene. Then, with a search warrant, officers visited Romo’s home in the 400 block of N. Mercy Springs Road.


Joshua Doyle

Discovering 2.2 ounce of meth, officers this time arrest Romo for possession of controlled substance for sale. They also arrested 35-year-old Debbie Tevis for the same charge.

In addition, 27-year-old Anselmo Delgadillo violated his probation. Finally, 34-year-old Joshua Doyle faces a charge of possession of paraphernalia.

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