3 Vehicle Burglary Suspects Apprehended during Stake Out

3 Vehicle Burglary Suspects Apprehended during Stake Out
Photo: Chevys on Powell Street

EMERYVILLE — Undercover and uniformed police officers conducting a citywide stake out caught three burglars in action on Monday evening. The trio had bad timing as they visited the area with their criminal activity.

Law enforcement caught the threesome red-handed near a hot spot for vehicle burglaries on June 4 at around 7 p.m. Police took them into custody and recovered stolen property found in their possession.

The arrests followed an incident at the Emeryville Peninsula, home to condominium residents, restaurants and the Emeryville Marina. It is also lately the scene of lots of shattered glass littering the pavement.

Here’s How it Played Out

Firstly, Officers on the lookout spotted a man breaking a car window and take something from inside the vehicle. The incident happened just as a patrol car was passing through the parking lot at Chevys Fresh Mex, located at 1890 Powell Street.

Officers then saw the same man get into a nearby car with several persons sitting inside. For that reason, the officers followed them as they drove away.

Finally, Police stopped the vehicle a few minutes later at the Point Emery windsurfing area on Frontage Road. This location is near an entrance to westbound Interstate 80.

As a result, authorities detained three individuals and brought the owner of the burglarized car at Chevys to the scene. Officers located property reported stolen inside the suspect’s vehicle, and the owner confirmed it belonged to him.

The Arrested Three

Officers arrested two Richmond residents 21-year-old Kailyn D. Daniels and 19-year-old Adrian D. Benton, along with 22-year-old Devante J. Giles of Stockton. Consequently, the charges each faces include burglary, possession of burglary tools and receiving or concealing stolen property.

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