Officers responding to collision discover guns and drugs

On the afternoon of March 14, a vehicle driven by Oakland resident, Ay Koey Fong, 33, was involved in a traffic collision. According to a police report, officers responding to the accident found Fong in possession of methamphetamine and cocaine packaged for sale. Looefon Loyney Saephan, 26, the vehicle’s passenger, was “found to be in possession of a concealed, loaded, unregistered handgun.”

Fong was arrested on three drug-related charges, including violation of Health and Safety Code 11352, a “felony punishable either by (a) probation and up to one year in county jail, or, (b), three, four, or five years in prison.” If Fong is convicted of HS 11352, a law that prohibits transporting a controlled substance for sale, and moved the drugs across three county lines, he could face a nine-year prison term in addition to the $20,000 fine.

Saephan was arrested for carrying a concealed unregistered weapon.

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