Gun Violence in Louis Park Temporarily Halted

Gun Violence in Louis Park Temporarily Halted
Photo: Matthew Samreth

STOCKTON – Gun Violence in Louis Park has recently spiked, and as a result the Ceasefire Intelligence Unit has recently attacked it.


Septmario Uy

On May 10 the SPD served search warrants on five residences –

  • First of all, two residences in the 1300 block of Perry Avenue;
  • Also two residences in the 2800 block of Pixie Avenue;
  • And finally, one residence in to 10400 block of Pebble Run Lane in Tracy.

The warrants resulted in three arrests –

  1. 20-year-old Matthew Samreth;
  2. 33-year-old Septmario Uy;
  3. 19-year-old Javen Chou.

Javen Chou

Samreth’s charge was a probation violation.  Both Uy and Chou were similarly charged with weapons, narcotics sales and gang enhancement charges.

The SPD displayed guns, ammunition, gun magazines, replica firearms, narcotics for sale and gang paraphernalia all seized in the operation.

Police Chief Eric Jones  noted that those who commit gun violence “will become our focus and top priority.”


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