Suspect Charged with Toddler’s Murder

Suspect Charged with Toddler’s Murder
Photo: Devin Ratliff

A big step forward was taken in the pursuit of justice for 20-month old Rashad Halford, Jr. as his suspected murderer, 30-year old Devin Ratliff, was arrested in Southern California on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Toddler Halford’s short life came to a violent end the night of June 21, 2016. He was playing outside, in front of one of the apartments in the Canyon Crest Apartment Complex on East Platt Ave in Fresno. His father, Rashad Halford, Sr., and mother, along with other individuals, were outside with him.

Shortly after 11 PM, Devin Ratliff walked up to Halford Sr., made a comment to him, and “intentionally and indiscriminately” fired into the group striking three people. Halford Sr., who had a handgun on his person, fired his weapon in the direction of Ratliff who was running away unstruck.

Shot Spotter and four 911 calls alerted police to the gunshots. Police were on scene in two-and-a-half minutes. They found three gunshot victims: the now 42-year-old Willis Mucelroy, the now 30-year old Rashad Halford, Sr., and 20-month old Rashad Halford, Jr. All three victims had been shot multiple times. Mucelroy and Halford, Sr. survived but Halford, Jr succumbed to his injuries at 3:45 AM, June 22, 2016.

Since the shooting, detectives have examined and re-examined the evidence. They have interviewed and re-interviewed witnesses. As Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer stated, time passing allows some witnesses to feel more comfortable opening up about their accounts of an incident.

In the process of re-interviewing witnesses new information came to light and a new witness was discovered. With the new evidence now known, detectives were not only able to arrest Ratliff, their primary suspect all along, but take him into custody with a strong case for prosecution. There is one more witness who has yet to come forward with information which police believe will all but solidify a conviction for Ratliff.

About the motive police stated there was an ongoing dispute between Halford, Sr. and Ratliff, unrelated to drugs, but chose not to disclose the exact known motive at this time.

Ratliff, a known associate of West Fresno gang members, was transported to Fresno and interviewed last night before being booked into Fresno County Jail with bail is set at 4 million dollars.

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