Force Option Simulator Training for Legislators

Force Option Simulator Training for Legislators
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EL DORADO COUNTY – Law enforcement officers sometimes find themselves in life and death encounters where split-second decisions must be made involving the use of deadly force. Proper training helps to ensure the best responses under various pressure situations.

The EDCSO offers “Force Option Simulator training” to their officers and Sheriff John D’Agostini has invited members of the California Legislature to come to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office and experience this training in a 4-hour block with up to 10 legislators at a time participating.

Even though the use of deadly force is a matter of last resort, force option simulator training helps prepare officers to make the best decisions under immediate pressure as to whether or not to discharge their weapon. Such a decision must often be made in a matter of seconds.

The EDCSO press release says, “The simulator gives participants a visceral experience. The training device uses mock-up service weapons in a highly realistic audio/visual scenario. We want all lawmakers who will consider proposed changes to use of force laws to fully understand the decisions law enforcement officers in California face every day. Sheriff John D’Agostini believes this invitation is vital to fully inform California’s lawmakers, whatever their position, as they debate this significant legislation.”

The release adds, “Failure to experience the perspective of those in the line of duty could result in an uninformed debate and have dangerous effects within our communities.”

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