Bragging About Crimes on YouTube Gets Three Gang Members Arrested

Bragging About Crimes on YouTube Gets Three Gang Members Arrested
Photo: Dylon Jackson 

TULARE –  “The gang members were nice enough to show their weapons in a homemade rap video found on YouTube,” commented Sgt. Jon Hamlin of the Tulare Police Department about a video which subsequently led to several arrests on February 28th.

The home in which the video was shot, located on the 300 block of North G Street, had been the hub of many problems in the neighborhood. Sgt. Hamlin added fear of retaliation delayed reports to police but brave citizens utilized the anonymous tip line to report issues they had been having with people at the house.


Deeshan Cook

With the suspects now on their radar, detectives utilized social media to find more information and what they found was a video on YouTube of the suspects bragging about their involvement in gun-related crimes. Because some of the stars of the video are on probation and were filmed around guns, a violation of their community supervision, a search warrant was granted.

The SWAT team along with Visalia police and Tulare County Probation conducted the search and arrested three known Crypt gang members. The first was 31-year old Deshaan Cook who was standing on the front sidewalk of the house when SWAT arrived. On his person he was carrying a concealed weapon. 28-year old Tyrell Tucker was arrested for possession of narcotics.


Tyrell Tucker

Police did not disclose what substance was found but did say it was not marijuana. The third suspect was 21-year old Dylon Jackson who was arrested for an unrelated shooting at an inhabited dwelling. Two weapons were found on the property: a stolen handgun and a shotgun.

Perhaps the most disturbing find were the 17 dogs on the property. Tulare County Animal Control has already managed to set up rescue services for some of the dogs. Lastly, the home was in such a state that it was deemed uninhabitable by humans. It has been boarded up until building codes are met.

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