Grand Theft Oscar

Grand Theft Oscar
Photo: Terry Bryant with Frances McDormand’s stolen statue

HOLLYWOOD – The word spread quickly Oscar Night, March 5th, that Frances McDormand’s Oscar went missing at the Governor’s Ball. Little did the social media know that, when the moment presented itself, Terry Bryant (aka DjMatari) (47) of Beverly Hills had absconded with the golden statuette while parading around, kissing it, and calling it his award.

No stranger to the glitterati, Bryant’s Facebook page showed numerous scenes of reaching for notoriety. It is reported that his police record is rather padded as well.

Bryant’s Facebook pic

Bryant’s desire for fame, a tuxedo, and arriving at the right place at the right time fueled the flames of deceit. As he left the soiree, Oscar left with him. Bryant was photographed holding his new-found golden friend.

The photographer, not recognizing the suspect as an award recipient, followed closely then took the Oscar from him. Security stepped in and detained Bryant. He was located with the Oscar pre-engraved with Frances McDormand’s name.

LAPD announced yesterday,”Thanks to a photographer who not only has a sharp eye for pics, but also for thievery, Terry Bryant was arrested for stealing an Oscars trophy during last night’s Governor’s Ball.”

Bryant was arrested near midnight for grand theft with $20,000 bail.

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