Robbers Return to the Scene of the Crime, Run into Police

Robbers Return to the Scene of the Crime, Run into Police
Photo: Gabriel Salyer and Brycon Landry

On the night of January 9th, someone in a white Mazda, while driving by the residential 1500 block of South Watson in Visalia, displayed a handgun in a threatening manner, also known as brandishing a weapon.

Brandishing a weapon is defined by the California Penal Code Section 417 as unlawfully drawing or exhibiting “a weapon in a rude, angry, or threatening way in the presence of another person and not in self-defense or in defense of someone. “

A concerned citizen called police. Around 10:30 PM, as police were collecting witness accounts for their report, the vehicle drove by again, at which time officers stopped the car a little ways down from the house where the report was being taken.

As officers questioned the possible suspects, dispatch reported a robbery had just been committed at Mary’s Vineyard shopping center, down the street from the officers’ current location.

It was soon confirmed that the brandishing suspects, 21-year old Gabriel Salyer and 22-year old Brycon Landry, were also responsible for the robbery.

They attempted to toss the firearm from the car before being stopped but it was found and discovered to be a toy gun. Even though the gun was fake, the fear they instilled on their victims was real as they did not know the gun was a toy. The brandishing charge stands.

Both suspects were positively identified. They are now in jail charged with robbery, conspiracy, and brandishing a weapon. Salyer may also be charged with violating his felony probation.

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