Former Correctional Deputy Assaults Officer in Court

His name has made the news numerous times and once again Michael Risenhoover, 34, of Tulare, did not disappoint as he appeared in court Oct. 31 to be read his verdict of guilty on different counts of sexual assault against a minor. The courtroom erupted at about 11 a.m. when the former Correctional Deputy for the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office attempted to assault the lead detective in the case.

Michael Risenhoover

Risenhoover was in the court room along with presiding Judge Seviere to hear the verdict after being charged with several counts of sexual assault against a minor.

According to the Tulare Sheriff’s Department, additional court security were in place based on the sensitivity of the case because “the defendant has knowledge of courtroom security and had made statements in the past in relation to safety issues.”

Risenhoover was read the judges verdict of guilty on eight different counts and that is when Risenhoover quickly reached past his attorney and grabbed the Tulare County Sheriff’s Detective, who was lead investigator. According to the sheriff’s report, the detective was seated approximately six to eight feet away when Risenhoover was able to reach the detective’s neck and then attempted to grab her service weapon. Bailiffs grabbed Risenhoover and were forced to use a taser in order to take control of the situation and were able to restrain him.

Risenhoover was successfully restrained without any further incident and removed from the courtroom. The detective, according to Public Information Officer Chris Douglass, is a 13 year veteran of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. He was medically cleared and is on leave pending the investigation while the defendant was later returned to the courtroom to continue the reading of his verdict under additional security.

Tulare County Sheriff’s Detectives are investigating the assault case and the Halloween courtroom eruption is still under investigation as all parties who were present in the courtroom at the time of the incident are being interviewed.

Upon completion of the court proceedings, Risenhoover was immediately transported back to his housing facility in Kings County under additional transport security. “Ï am just glad we were prepared,” said Douglass. “He is a bit of a live wire, and that can make things dangerous.”

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