Armed Man Arrested in School District Plagued by Threats

Armed Man Arrested in School District Plagued by Threats

Hall Middle School

LARKSPUR — An unemployed construction worker was arrested on November 9 by the Central Marin Police Authority for allegedly carrying a gun on school grounds while children were inside classrooms. This follows several recent threats to local schools.

Staff at the Larkspur Corte Madera School District reported seeing a suspicious man at 8:45 a.m., walking by administrative offices, adjacent to Hall Middle School at 200 Doherty Drive.

A staffer provided a police dispatcher with a description of a stranger who didn’t belong on campus, and said he was walking towards Piper Park, also in the same area.

Responding officers located the man at the park, who told them that he was looking for work, and that he’d taken a shortcut through the campus on his way to a restroom in the park.

An officer searched his backpack—and found it contained an unloaded handgun. The man wasn’t carrying any ammunition.
The man, a 28-year-old resident of San Rafael, Fredy Audis Velasquez Mazariegos faces open charges for possession of firearm on a school campus—and unrelated DUI warrants and for driving without a license.

Mazariegos remains in custody at Marin County Jail, with bond for his release set at $15,839.

Police said the middle school incident is not related to several recent threats of bombings and shootings at nearby Redwood High School campus, which is located at 395 Doherty Drive.

A student was arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat, which led to the evacuation of the high school in September.

Anyone with information about this or other recent threats to the high school is encouraged to contact the police investigations unit at 415-929-5150.

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