Pair Charged in Fraud, ID Theft Scheme

Pair Charged in Fraud, ID Theft Scheme

Andrew Hutchings and Ronald Hoch

LOS ANGELES — On October 23, 59-year-old Andrew Hutchings and 60-year-old Ronald Hoch were charged with identity theft, forgery, grand theft, and money laundering.

Hutchings was a real estate broker.  The charges assert that between 2013 and 2017, the duo ran an elaborate scheme that took advantage of elderly and deceased victims.

They would impersonate the victims and then sell or try to sell homes that belonged to the victims.  They also obtained loans, using homes that belong to them as collateral.

The LASD explained, “Proceeds from the fraud were laundered by purchasing gold coins from out of state companies, and shipping the coins to mail boxes in California which were obtained under false names.”

Although they reported the total stolen as $190,000, authorities think the pair actually attempted to steal over $1 million.

Hoch, arrested on November 2, has a bail of $500,000 and Hutchings, arrested on November 6, has a bail of $645,000.

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