Man Arrested at Fresno Airport for Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

Man Arrested at Fresno Airport for Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

Jake Randles

On Thursday, October 5th, Jake Randles flew to Fresno from England seemingly to make good on death threats to his ex-girlfriend because she was marrying another man.

The 20-year-old called one of his ex-girlfriend’s family members after landing in San Francisco letting them know Fresno was his next stop. The family member made the Sheriff’s Office aware of Randles’ flight plans and threats. They arrested him at the Fresno International Airport upon his arrival. He was not found to be carrying any weapons.

Randles is not unknown to the Fresno Court. He has been threatening his ex-girlfriend via text and over the phone for some time now, promising to cause harm or even kill her and her family over her new relationship.

Text messages he sent during the last month displaying threats were presented as evidence to the Fresno County Family Law Court when the young lady sought out a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

The restraining order was granted but unable to be served as Randles was overseas. “Thursday night, deputies took the opportunity to personally serve Randles with the restraining order” (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office).

Randles was charged with two felony counts of criminal threats. The British Consulate General has been notified of Randles’s arrest. He is currently in custody at the Fresno County Jail on an INS Detainer.

If you are receiving violent threats, the Sheriff’s Office encourages you to report them. Reporting them may prevent injury or death.

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