Officers Arrest Two and Shut Down Chop Shop

Officers Arrest Two and Shut Down Chop Shop

Clip from DashCam Video from City of Madera Police Department Facebook Page.

MADERA -The city of Madera has seen an increase of auto thefts lately. On Thursday, August 31, officers from the Madera Police Department arrested two suspects and shut down a chop shop, hopefully reducing the recent rise in auto theft activity.

The Special Investigations Unit spotted a stolen vehicle around Madera and Almond Avenues. The unit chased the driver, Erik Morales, into a field. Realizing there was no escape, Morales, and passenger Francisco Pimentel, abandoned the car and fled on foot. Morales was detained shortly after fleeing. Officers tracked Pimentel to his home and arrested him.

Additionally, another stolen car was found at Pimentel’s house as well as significant evidence that he was running a chop shop from his home.

The suspects were arrested under multiple charges and Madera Police Department was able to return both stolen cars back to their rightful owners.

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