Honey Oil Lab Bust Yields 3 Arrests

Honey Oil Lab Bust Yields 3 Arrests

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TWIN PEAKS — An SBSD detective went to 892 Strawberry Peak Lane to serve a felony arrest warrant.  While there, he saw items that led him to believe a THC extraction lab was on site.

The felony arrest did not materialize at that time.  Instead, the deputy contacted the Sheriff’s Marijuana Enforcement Team and Clandestine Lab Team, who served a search warrant at the residence and began the investigation.

Personnel from the fire department and HAZMAT also assisted due to the potentially dangerous circumstances and possibility of an explosion or fire.

30-year-old Ryan Michael Parker, 30 year-old Chad Robert Freed and 23-year-old Jose Mata were arrested.  Parker was charged with manufacturing a controlling substance with his bail set at $700,000.  Freed and Mata were booked for charges of sales of concentrated cannabis and are scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

Honey oil (aka “wax,” “shatter,” “dabs”) often costs more that basic marijuana and produces stronger effects than what results from merely smoking the drug.

The SBSD reminds us that “the concentrated cannabis products mentioned previously are commonly made by extracting the THC from the marijuana plant or plant material.  The THC extraction process is extremely dangerous and has a high potential for explosion and fire due to the use of large amounts of flammable chemicals during the extraction process.”

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