Accused Murderer Called Police to Report Her Parents Deaths

Accused Murderer Called Police to Report Her Parents Deaths

Menique Lashon (Facebook)

PITTSBURG – A woman was arrested on July 7 on suspicion of viciously stabbing her two elderly parents to death inside their home. Several days later she phoned police and told a tale about how she discovered their corpses.

Menique Lashon, 50, who lived with her parents in a four-bedroom house at 4272 Diehl Way, is accused of killing her father Harvey M. Lashon, 73, and mother Sharon K. Lashon, 67.

Pittsburg police investigating this horrific double-homicide believe both victims were lying dead for several days before their daughter decided to report it.

When responding officers arrived at the home at approximately 10:30 a.m. they found both victims’ bodies stiffened with rigor mortis, each inflicted with multiple stab wounds.

Police believe the suspected murderer tried to cover up her involvement in their slayings, by cleaning up the murder scene and trying to make it appear that the victims had been fighting, and had killed each other.

While the suspect was being questioned about what happened to her parents she confessed that she actually killed them, according to the police.

Lashon is charged with murdering her parents. She’s also charged with theft under $950 and failure to appear after making a written promise, for her alleged involvement in another less serious crime.

Lashon remains in custody at Contra Costa County’s Martinez Detention Facility. Bail for her release from jail has been set at $2,005,000.

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