Repeat Offenders Arrested Again

Repeat Offenders Arrested Again

Georgina Morales

MURRIETA — A 2:00 AM traffic stop is where this story begins.  An MPD officer stopped the vehicle and ran a check on its two occupants.

34-year-old Walter Gomez and  34-year-old Georgina Morales both had warrants out for their arrest.

Walter Gomez

Gomez’ warrant was from San Diego County for fraud.  Over the past 19 years he has accumulated convictions for vehicle theft, domestic violence, weapons, narcotics, burglary, and forgery.

Morales had two felony warrants for larceny and for parole violation.  Her history includes convictions for narcotics, conspiracy, vehicle theft, burglary, weapons, fraud, and child abuse.  In the past five years she has been arrested seven times.

After the duo were arrested for their warrants, police searched their vehicle and discovered meth, paraphernalia and burglary tools.  This led to the new charges of possession of controlled substances, paraphernalia, and burglary tools.

MPD states, “It should be noted that Ms. Morales is a product of Assembly Bill 109. Local communities like Murrieta have felt the effects of Assembly Bill 109. The above arrest demonstrates the impact of these mandates on the citizens of Murrieta.”


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