Heroin Delivery Service Interrupted

Heroin Delivery Service Interrupted

Rosario Teran Vargas

SIMI VALLEY – For the past four months the Simi Valley Police Department has been conducting an investigation into a heroin delivery service and narcotics trafficking.  Two heroin deaths prompted the investigation.


Yoelmmi Franco Sandoval

On September 19th 26-year-old Tanner Fazli died at a home on the 1700 block of Ysrella Street of a heroin overdose.  On October 13th 36-year-old Pedro Zamora also died of a heroin overdose.

Further investigation revealed a special delivery service that provided them with the drug.  Police were able to secure a telephone number for the service.

The delivery service functions when a “customer” calls a dispatch number and places an order.  The customer is directed to a location where a “courier” meets the customer and a transaction ensues.

Over the following months detectives continued their surveillance and intelligence gathering, and conducted a purchase of heroin through the service.


Daniel Anselmo Rios Delgado

Finally, on January 4, teams of detectives served warrants and arrested 3 people, recovering 32 grams of heroin and $32,000.

35-year-old Rosario Teran Vargas, 28-year-old Daniel Anselmo Rios Delgado and 29-year old Yoelmmi Franco Sandoval were all arrested on various heroin possession and heroin sales charges, and criminal conspiracy.

Kudos to the Sim Valley Police Department for their persistent work.



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