Homicide Suspect Found Guilty after DA Drops Charges Against First Suspect

Homicide Suspect Found Guilty after DA Drops Charges Against First Suspect

Khalil Owens

SANTA CLARA COUNTY — The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office announced the conviction of a 28-year-old San Jose man who was identified as the person who shot a college graduate in the head during a fight near S. 2nd Street and San Carlos Street in San Jose.

Gregory “G-Stacks” Thompson appeared in court after being found guilty of first degree murder.  He now faces the possibility of life in prison, and is currently awaiting his sentence to be handed down by the Honorable Griffin M.J. Bonini.

20-year-old Khalil Owens was first arrested for the incident. However, after further investigation, Thompson was later identified after witnesses came forward.   In the incident, 24-year-old Marvin Jackson Jr. was shot in the head and killed after a heated argument.

Witness statements and evidence at the scene led to the charges against Owens being dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office. Jackson’s brother had testified that Owens was the shooter.  However, blood evidence at the scene helped identify who had shot and killed Jackson.

“The District Attorney’s Office is not unbending. It is not rigid, or black or white,” prosecutor Amir Alem said. “We are open to looking and analyzing cases and making sure that the correct person is held accountable for committing a crime.”

Alem added, “During a fight between the victim’s brother and the defendant’s friend a few blocks away, Thompson – who was angry because he had been called a name – shot 25-year-old Marvin Jackson in the head.”

Evidence introduced in the case clearly showed that during the shooting Thompson had accidentally shot one of his friends in the hand when firing at the group that had gathered.   DNA extracted from the blood found at the scene helped identify a wounded suspect who later helped San Jose homicide investigators identify Thompson as the shooter.

Marvin Jackson was a former Milpitas High School track star. He had just moved back to the Bay Area from Kansas City where he studied philosophy and had majored in history at McPherson College.

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