Homeless Sacramento Man Convicted For Violent Restaurant Attack

Homeless Sacramento Man Convicted For Violent Restaurant Attack

A 23-year-old Sacramento man was convicted to 3 years in state prison Tuesday for battery causing serious injury after he violently attacked a stranger outside of a Monterey restaurant.

Tyler David Misamore has been sentenced by a Monterey Superior Court Judge for the October 8th battery of a man whose only offense was enjoying a good meal with his wife.

Authorities say that a couple was sitting outside of a Monterey restaurant simply enjoying their day with a quiet meal when Misamore appeared on the scene and began screaming profanities at the wife. They stood up to Misamore, telling him to leave them alone, and things escalated quickly as Misamore sucker punched the husband, hitting him twice before taking him down to the ground and breaking his clavicle in front of his wife.

Misamore then fled the scene, but didn’t get far thanks to the Monterey Police Department who located him on a nearby street.

Misamore first made the headlines last year, not for being an aggressor, but for being the victim of an attack.

On June 19, 2015, he was camping out behind the Monterey City Library with a group of fellow transients when an argument broke out about the last bit of alcohol. A savage knife fight ensued, leaving Scott Long dead moments later and Tyler Misamore with 4 major stab wounds when he tried to intervene. Jesse Devlin Quiming, 32, of Monterey was convicted of the murder and attempted murder and sent to prison.

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